Sponsor a horse

would you consider sponsoring a horse?

Along with unique personalities, did you know that our horses…

  • Have an examination by an equine dentist every twelve months?
  • Have their nails (hooves) trimmed every six to eight weeks by the farrier?
  • Wear shoes, some only front shoes and some wear four shoes?
  • Have a soft bed of sawdust?
  • Eat hay every day? Some of them eat one bale every two weeks!
  • Wear clothes in the winter and in the summer?
  • Have regular examinations by the veterinarian for inoculations, illness and accidents? 

Sample Annual Horse Expenses 

  • Dental Care – $250
  • Bedding – $350
  • Clothing – $125
  • Supplements – $400
  • Farrier/Shoes – $750
  • Grain – $250
  • Hay – $800
  • De-Worming – $50
  • Saddle Fitting – $50
  • Veterinary Care – $450

By adopting one of our horses, you ensure that your horse stays in top condition and can provide weekly lessons for our riders.  Your tax-deductible donation will be recognized on our website and you will receive an annual update on your horse as well as the chance to visit personally. Make your donation today...no matter how big or small our horses thank you!

Levels of Giving

  • Full Year Sponsorship: $3,000
  • Half Year Sponsorship: $1,500
  • Quarterly Sponsorship: $750

Donations can be made online by clicking the above button or checks can be mailed to: 
6208 Argent Rd. Pasco, WA 99301